Staying in the Keepers Lodge you can pick your shoot days from the following to fit your requiremts-

Pheasant Shooting

Partridge Shooting

Woodcock Shooting

Walked Up Shooting

Simulated Driven Game Shooting

Driven Woodcock days

To the North of The Bodfuan Shoot you will find over a 1000 acres of which the woodland is untouched for majority of the year. These Woodcock covers are only shot 3 or 4 times in the season, normally after the 1st Full Moon in November, the “Woodcock Moon”. You can shoot two, three or four days back to back with six to ten drives each day, an evening Woodcock flight can be included if required where its not uncommon to see over 50 Woodcock. An evening Woodcock flights is when the Woodcock flight out of the covers on to the feeding ground, as it gets dark. Our best bags are nearly in to the 50’s and a bad day would be 10. Rest assured our team will do there upmost to give you the best of opportunities. It is recommended to shoot 6 to 8 guns on driven woodcock days.

Walked Up Days


For single guns and groups of 3 accompanied by one of our keepers and dog we can offer a great day out at a very reasonable price. Shooting 3 guns along hedge rows, small covers and rough ground with a variety of quarry to include Snipe, Teal, Woodcock, Partridge, Pheasant and various Wild Fowl. The bag is normally 4+ plus bird per gun with guns normally seeing plenty of lifts and good opportunities.

For full teams taking other days at Bodfuan we can offer walked up game shooting on the Llyn Fens. At Bodfuan Shoot we offer walked up game shooting for a variety of quarry to include Snipe, Teal, Woodcock, Partridge, Pheasant and various Wild Fowl. The Llyn fens are the lowlands of the Llyn Peninsula and sit on the boundary of Bodfuan Shoot catching birds that wonder from the heart of the shoot.

The Llyn fens run between Nefyn and Pwllheli and are known locally as Cors Geirch, which is thought to occupy the site of the pro-glacial Lake Bodfuan. The peat body is underlain by impervious Irish Sea Till. The site is situated in a valley formed between ridges of calcareous sands and gravels, deposited by retreating ice-sheets. Rain seeps through these deposits dissolving minerals and then emerges as springs along the sides of the valley where it meets the Irish Sea Till. These springs feed water into the Llyn Fens and lead to the base-rich nature of the site.

Walked up shoot days are relaxed, fun and good sport. You will see a great variety of quarry to include Wild Pheasant, Partridge, Mallard, Teal, Snipe and November onwards Woodock. Guided by the Keeper you will be dropped off by the shoots gun trailer at one end of the Llyn Fens in the morning to walk and shoot on the Fen. Keeping a good shooting line, the team will move as fast as the slowest gun stopping to retrieve shot game where necessary. You will see a mixture of terrain along the fen attracting different species in different areas. The team will be picked up at the other end of the fen mid-afternoon to return to the shoot lodge or pub for a late lunch.

Walked up day; this is when the birds are being flushed sometimes by you, in your line going away from you as pose to driven where birds are driven towards you.

Simulated Game Days

Simulated Game Days at Bodfuan Shoot are organised in the same way as a traditional game day, but with the added enjoyment of shooting driven targets during the summer months in the beautiful scenery of the North Wales countryside. Please don’t mistake a clay grounds “Simulated Targets” or sporting clay pigeon shooting with the experience of Bodfuan Shoots “Simulated Game Days”, a game day simulated in every way.

In the past, the arrival of the 2nd February in the UK (United Kingdom) has always brought to an end the live Game Shooting season. Now with today’s technology, live Driven Game Shooting can be replicated using simulation equipment out of season, meaning the discerning gun can enjoy Driven Shooting throughout the year. Out of season, Live Driven Game Shooting is replicated with modern clay pigeon traps, devices used to launch clay pigeon targets by manual or automatic control, provided by leading manufacturers Promatic or Bowman. They are placed on the point where live quarry would normally be driven from the cover and fly over the team of awaiting guns, simulating a Driven Game Day.

Simulated game shooting replicates every aspect of live game shooting and is an excellent form of corporate hospitality or perfect for a party of friends to get together and have some fun. Simulated Game Shooting also offers an ideal introduction to newcomers of driven game shooting and for the experienced gun to keep their eye in through the closed season.

Simulated game days are suitable for more experienced shots. However, less experienced shots can be accommodated for when accompanied by an instructor. We use the same or similar drives to the pheasant and partridge drives we shoot in the open season, offering some testing simulated targets. Standing in a line of up to 7 guns we can cater for up to 14 in a party, shooting in 2 groups giving you time to have a break or load for your shooting partner in between shooting.

You will be greeted in the morning at our shoot lodge for a light breakfast and coffee just before the daily briefing. Moving out to the first drive in our purpose built gun trailer, the first drive will ease you in to the day with some lazy simulated pheasants, followed by another drive where we will stop in the field for elevenses. Another three drives of simulated; High Pheasant, Teal, Partridge or Grouse are to follow whilst taking in the wonderful North Wales scenery. The day ends with a meal back in the shoot lodge with a four-course meal by our professional chef. The package includes full hospitality based on a group of 10 guns (4000 clays) to 14 guns (6000 clays), a normal day is five drives. We advise you to bring at least 500 fibre/felt wad cartridges, which can be ordered in advance and delivered to the shoot.

We do have the choice of offering you a simulated practice session (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) session, please contact us with your requirements.


Bodfuan Shoot is in North West Wales UK on the Llyn Peninsula… is our home estate where we are based. The Bodfuan Shoot is renowned for its variety of quarry, testing birds and beautiful scenery. Bodfuan Shoot surrounds the glorious country house “Plas Bodfuan” and much of the driven game shoot is set in beautiful parkland hills with a mixture of cover; the Laurels and Rhododendrons of the Japanese Garden being the most notable.

Locally there is much interest in the name of our hamlet. Boduan, Bodfuan or Bodfean are three names for the same place.Boduan is now the name used on the sign when entering the hamlet. However the original name for the hamlet was Bodfean as the church is named. The name later changed to Bodfuan in the mid 1900’s, and as the shoot was established on paper around this time, it was decided the shoot would keep its original name as this. Bodfuan is thought to make more sense in the Welsh language. The hamlet is known for the beautiful church, the old AA box and hopefully the shoot.

Bodfuan Shoot was established in the 1800’s by Lord Newborough….Bodfuan Shoot goes back a long way and since its origin has been owned by the Newborough Family and its Trustees. Shoot is renowned for its variety of quarry, testing birds and beautiful scenery. Bodfuan Shoot surrounds the glorious country house “Plas Bodfuan” and much of the driven game shoot is set in beautiful parkland hills with a mixture of cover; the Laurels and Rhododendrons of the Japanese Garden being the most notable.

40 established drives… of various level of sports that utilize the wonderful topography that Bodfuan Shoot has to offer, guns will be provided with challenging sport throughout the day. The low lying Llyn Fen attracts Snipe and Teal whilst the heights of Mynydd Nefyn or Nefyn Mountain hosts one of the flagship Drives “Doggers”. South facing hills, compact gorse banks and tight birch stands attract migrating Woodcock from Scandinavia and Russia.

Community…. The current ownership by the Garton family was in 2010 when the freehold of the shooting rights was purchased from the Newborough Estate. Ownership of the freehold secures the future of the shoot and shows commitment to both the guns and the local community, ensuring the shoot and its conservation work continues to be a part of local life as it has been for over 100 years.

Atmosphere…. We hope you will find an atmosphere at Bodfuan like no other shoot.Shooting these days can be too formal and involving far too may numbers. At Bodfuan our sold days are simple: agree the bag with us at time of booking, on the day the guns simply fill their boots, shoot what pleases them, leave what doesn’t please them, no one will be criticized for shooting any bird, high or low, as long as their shooting is safe. If you shoot over the bag it’s on us. No overage!

The Keepers Lodge…. was converted in 2014 from a set of barns to an 8-bedroom luxury-hunting lodge with hot tub and fire pit. The Keepers Lodge sleeps up to 20 with an option of the “The Poachers Cabin” next door should you require 9 rooms. The Shoot Room seats 20 around the table and is ideal for your shooting trip.

Bodfuan Shoot aim to offer a first class package…. that includes good shooting with strong sporting birds, a professionally run day, excellent food and hospitality, safe efficient transportation around the shoot, spectacular scenery and nice homely shoot lodge to come back to at the end of the day. Please take the time to view our site and do not hesitate to contact our Shoot Manager “Jono Garton” direct should you have any queries.

Staying in the 8 bedroom “Keepers Lodge” you can build your own trip choosing from various different types of shooting and species.