Bodfuan’s close relationship with number of moors in the North of England enables us to offer a great variety of days on the Grouse. We can offer everything from walked up to 200+ brace days for single guns or full teams.

“Driven Grouse Shooting” refers to the way  the grouse are pushed over the guns by beating team. There are usually 9 guns in the shooting line who are spaced approximately 40 to 50 yards apart and are hidden within the grouse butts.

Driven Grouse Shooting is the finest sport, it is the most exclusive type of driven shooting in the world. This is because Grouse are entirely wild which cannot be reared in captivity. The bird numbers fluctuate from season to season. The Grouse shooting season runs from  “The Glorious Twelfth” (12th August) to the December 10th.

Grouse is seen as the most challenging game birds to shoot due to its speed which is far in excess of any other game bird. The grouse fly either in singles or in packs of up to 200.

Please contact John Humpreys with your exact requirements [email protected]