Bookings & Payments

All bookings must be in writing preferably by email. Bookings are only confirmed when your payment (50% on booking & 50% August 1st) by bank transfer has been received by Bodfuan Group and you receive a booking confirmation from the shoot manager.

We do not accept cash or cheque. We do not accept Payment on the day of shooting.

The Bag, Overage & Underage
There is no charge should the expected bag be exceeded, or credit should it not be reached, provided that the Shoot Manager is satisfied sufficient sport has been provided. Bodfuan Group recommends teams shoot 8 to 10 guns.

Bodfuan Group operates a non-refund policy. Once you have booked and paid your payment is non-refundable. If you wish to change the date of your shoot day you may do this providing you give 4 weeks’ notice in writing by email, a suitable day will be arranged and this may be the following season.

In the rare event Bodfuan Group have to cancel your day another will be offered and this may be in the following season.

As we operate a none refund policy which includes the day being cancelled due to forecasts of winds over Gale Force 8, snow, ice or fog and reasons out of our control such as a ban on shooting due or Bird Flu, Micoplasma etc, we recommend you insure this booking through a reputable insurer – at the present time AIM are the only insurers who can cover such a policy –

Woodcock & Wild Bird Shooting
It must be understood that on these days we shoot wild birds. Success depends on a combination of favourable weather across Europe and Russia, migration and competence of the gun. Bodfuan Group makes no guarantee on size of the bag but we do ensure to do our best to ensure you and your team have the best day possible. Please note a Woodcock ban due to freezing conditions is beyond our control and up to you to insure against.

Liability Insurance
Bodfuan Group insist all people shooting on the Bodfuan Shoot must have adequate liability insurance preferably through BASC.

Health & Safety
Bodfuan Group has a full Safety Policy, Risk Assessment & Method Statements in place, which is available for anyone to see. Bodfuan Group insists everyone is personally responsible for his or her own Health & Safety whilst on the Bodfuan Shoot. Bodfuan Group accepts no responsibility for injury, loss of life or property whilst on the Bodfuan Shoot. By taking or buying game from Bodfuan Shoot you accept it may contain shot and that it should be fully checked before eating. Please note: no part of your payment goes to the travel in out gun trailer. Our trailer is for voluntary transport if you cannot walk around the shoot. No part of your travel is for reward and gain on our part.

Shotgun Licenses & Cartridges
Bodfuan Group insists anyone shooting at Bodfuan Shoot must have a valid shotgun license. Customers visiting from abroad can be assisted with a visiting permit; young shots/non short gun license holders can be assisted by a responsible parents/adults over 21 who are Shotgun License Holders with their own guns. Customers are expected to abide by the current UK legislation for shooting non-toxic cartridges on wild fowl. Bodfuan Shoot Ltd operates the strict use fibre wad cartridges on all shooting to include simulated days.

Website & Advertising
Any information on or any other advertising is correct at time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

Shoot Rules
Shoot Rules must be adhered to, a copy will be sent out on booking and are available on request.