Noise Policy Relating To Clay Target Shooting

  • Bodfuan Shoot aim to be hosting Clay Target Shoots on 8 days and 2 evenings per year, shooting will not take place on Sundays.
  • A gap of 21 days between each shoot location will be served where possible.
  • 5 persons may be shooting at one time.
  • In line with recommendations clay target shooting will not start until 10am and will be finished by 4pm. The two exceptions of this are 2 evening shoots when special events are held.
  • Clay Target Shoots are kept to 5 or 6 sessions of about 20 mins so totalling less than 2 hours per day and 16 hours per year.This is 0.02% of the year.
  • Clay Target Shoots are important to Bodfuan Shoot as a company as it enables us to employ our staff throughout the year.
  • Should you have a complaint about the noise that our customer make than please feel free to contact us direct so we can try and make adjustments accordingly.
  • We are a flexible and professional company and work with Gwynedd Councils Environmental Department to keep local residents assured.