Bodfuan Shoot operates near many roads and footpaths.

  • Bodfuan Shoot respects the fact it is an offence to interrupt, injure or disturb any person using a road or footpath.
  • Bodfuan Shoot will highlight to customers where roads and footpaths are and will not place customers in a position where they can shoot over a road or footpath.
  • When shooting by or near (but not over) a footpath staff will be present to ensure shooting can be paused so the public are not disturbed.
  • Bilingual Signs will be put in place on shoot days to warn the public that shooting is taking place.
  • Bodfuan Shoot will do its upmost to make sure the public know where footpaths are and try to discourage public straying off footpaths especially on Garn Boduan and Mynydd Nefyn.
  • The public, customers and staff are Bodfuan Shoots highest priority.
  • Bodfuan Shoot is a flexible and professional company and is open to suggestions and advice from the public.