The mink is an introduced species. It was brought to Britain from North America in the late 1920’s to be bred for the fur trade. Since escaping it has established itself successfully in the wild.

Mink have a reputation for being blood thirsty, and are known to kill other animals even when they are not hungry. Mink are strongly territorial, and a male will not allow another male on its patch, although females are occasionally tolerated.

The mink mating season starts around February. The actual gestation period is 39 days, although it can be much longer due to delayed implantation.

A female can have five or six young, known as kittens. The male takes no part in rearing the young. The kittens remain with the mother until the autumn when they are fully grown. They then go off to find territories of their own.

Bodfuan shoot along with other shoots and angling clubs are working alongside BASC in order to control the mink population all over the Llyn Peninsula.Bodfuan has recently hosted a training course presided over by BASC’s North Wales Biodiversity Officer during which ourselves and other land managers were instructed on how to humanely trap and dispatch mink using traps known as mink rafts. By controlling numbers of mink we hope to increase the population of the severely threatened water vole upon which the mink prey.