A large section of the Bodfuan Shoot Marsh is SSSI land and the GorsGeirch nature reserve. Bodfuan Shoot Ltd aim to have a strong working relationship with the CCW (Countryside Council for Wales) to ensure good management of this area.

With this in mind Bodfuan shoot are taking the following measures on the site. Bodfuan Shoot have a voluntary ban on lead shot and recommend the use of Non Toxic Shot on all SSSI Land. This protects the land from contamination with lead which can have a negative impact on the environment. The use of vehicles will be kept to a minimum on SSSI Land, again to safeguard wildlife. Fox and Mink will be kept under control where possible to ensure the survival of Water Voles.

Bodfuan Shoot fully support the CCW’s Llyn Fens Project, which is a project to restore the Llyn Fens.We are glad to be part of the conservation of these important and beautiful landscapes.